About loud + proud

The company was founded in 2008 by a mother of two, who worked as a sportswear designer before. After birth of her children, she wanted to create an alternative developing baby’s- and children's clothing made from sustainable materials and manufactured under fair working conditions. loud + proud was born, for loud kids and proud parents.

The clothes are made of organic cotton. This cotton is grown and harvested without the use of harmful chemicals and usually originates from Turkey. loud + proud products are made in Europe, in Portugal, Hungary and since 2015 also in our own factory in Germany. This ensures short transport distances and a better control of production.

Since 2013 loud + proud products carry the GOTS logo, one of the strictest worldwide standards with highest requirements concerning sustainability of materials and a fair production for the entire production chain (www.global-standard.org). GOTS is the ultimate solution to achieve and to document a sustainable textile production.

This of course also brings free riders to the scene, who advertise for example the use of GOTS certified fabrics which is illuminating only a small part of the whole production chain. It remains open who is manufacturing the products and under which conditions. Therefore, only these products can carry the GOTS logo, whose complete production chain is fully certified. From cultivation of cotton right up to the delivery of finished products by loud + proud each company is regularly checked for compliance with the strict GOTS criteria. This system provides security for all stakeholders (industry, trade and consumers), a security the individual has a lack of information and control for.

The "garage company" has now become a family business with an almost 400-year old company building in Bavaria and a sewing factory in Saxony. The product range is expanded regularly. loud + proud would like to offer a fresh and affordable alternative to conventional clothing.