Climate neutrality

Through the use of fossil fuels, deforestation of rainforests and animal husbandry, mankind is increasingly influencing the climate and temperature on earth. Greenhouse gases such as CO2 massively contribute to the global warming. Sustainable companies also cause CO2 emissions.

We want to record our emissions in order to continuously reduce and avoid them. Together with Climate Partner, we calculated our carbon footprint. This CO2 balance takes into account points such as heating, electricity, but also business trips or commuting of employees.

From the CO2 balance, we can see which greenhouse gas emissions we are reducing and which we can avoid in the long term. We use green electricity and biogas and drive electrically.
However, some emissions are unavoidable or cannot yet be avoided. We compensate these emissions by supporting a climate project, a forest protection project in Papua New Guinea. Forests store CO2, tropical forests even a lot.

Since time immemorial, people in the jungle of April Salumei Papua New Guinea have lived in harmony with nature. Until the government released its area for industrial use and deforestation. Their livelihood was about to be destroyed. The indigenous people came together and fought for their forest. So today they protect an area of 600,000 hectares of untouched rainforest, together with countless bird species, exotic animals and plants. They preserve an important CO2 store. The project brings them additional benefits: the children go to school. Adults find work in small businesses. If you are sick, you can get treatment in a health center. All of this is new and only possible through financing from the climate protection project.

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