Sustainable production 

Since the company was founded in 2008, loud + proud's actions have been characterized by respect for people and nature. Our suppliers and manufacturers in Hungary and Portugal have been long-term partners. Fairness and mutual trust characterize cooperation here as well as in our operations in Germany. 

 With the GOTS standard, our partners and we ourselves have one of the world's strictest standards for environmentally friendly and fair production of textiles. In addition, we deliberately manufacture in Europe only. 

 We avoid unnecessary transport packaging, try to reuse it and, if possible, avoid using poly bags. If possible, faulty products will be repaired in our German sewing room. Products that are no longer salable are not destroyed, but are sensibly used by an aid organization in crisis areas. 

 Our company building is not a new building but a listed building from the 17th century. We operate it with green electricity and biogas and our electric car charges its eco-power from the company's own charge station. 

 loud + proud is not only GOTS certified but also climate neutral. You can read more details about both topics under GOTS and Climate neutrality.