Sizes and Care

Size chart

Body height in cm50-5657-6869-8081-9293-104105-116117-128129-140
Age ca.0-3 months3-6 months6-12 months1-2 years3-4 years4-6 years6-8 years8-9 years
Head circumference in cm36-3839-4142-4445-4849-5051-5253-5455-56

Proper care of cotton

We recommend washing at 30 degrees Celsius so that the clothes do not shrink and the prints are preserved, which are water-based with GOTS certified products. Nevertheless, it is normal for cotton to shrink by up to 5% the first time it is washed. The products can be put in the dryer. However, they should be air-dried on the clothesline. It is better for the environment and clothes are not stressed. Rotating in the dryer exposes the clothing to friction and therefore they can pill more easily. 
Cotton fleece feels very fluffy before the first wash. Unfortunately, this effect becomes less after the first wash. Cotton fleece does not have the characteristics of synthetic fleece. After the first wash, it becomes a bit more compact and develops a slightly pilled structure on the surface. It is important that cotton fleece is not washed with fabric softeners or wool detergents. The fats contained would agglutinate the cotton fibres. 
Some of our cotton products have a water-repellent impregnation (Bionic Finish Eco). With this impregnation, water that hits clothing from above rolls off. With permanent contact with water e.g. when sitting in wet grass, however, the water would run through. This would require waterproof clothing. The Bionic Finish Eco impregnation does not have to be renewed. It lasts a product life. It likes warmth. So the dryer doesn't harm. But we still recommend drying on the clothesline.

Proper care of wool 

Wool should be cleaned as gently as possible, preferably by hand washing, only for a short time and at a maximum temperature of 30 °C. A special wool detergent should be used, not soapy water. Some washing machines have a wool washing program. It is important that the wool is not spin-dried. 
Any external influence (including rubbing, wringing or brushing during hand washing) would make the wool felted. In the wool washing program, it is only swung in the water but not spin-dried.
For hand washing, you should rinse the wool with clean water at the same temperature after washing so that it does not contract. Gently squeeze the water out and pull the product into shape when wet. Do not dry wool products in the sun, on the heating or even in the dryer, but on a terry towel in the well-ventilated shade.